Embracing the essence of this iconic literary collection, your design will evoke the spirit of the Roaring Twenties while paying homage to F. Scott Fitzgerald's timeless narratives. From the front cover to the spine and back cover, infuse every element with Art Deco flair, inviting readers to embark on a journey through the storytelling of the Jazz Age.
Incorporate Art Deco motifs, typography, and imagery to capture the essence of the Jazz Age with sophistication
Design may be illustrative, typographic, geometrical, or some combination, but must include front, back, spine, and interior flaps of the dust jacket
The back must include the entirety of the back cover copy, a barcode, and ISBN, blended with Art Deco design elements, ensuring coherence and visual appeal
These covers mimic the geometric patterns common in the Jazz age, from the layered triangles and diamonds to the concentric arches and Egyptian fans. Use of flat color with mild variation also harkens to the Art Deco style.
The most challenging aspect of this project, beyond the time commitment, was striking a balance between open space for the eye to rest and the visual interest of the patterns. Once I had created the individual elements like a diamond, or an arch, I chose one to be the anchor and fit the rest of the patterns around it, much like solving a puzzle.
Final Solution
Although only one cover was required, at a later point I created two more in a similar style to complete the set. I pulled heavily from the geometric traditions of the Art Deco movement, using patterns to create visual interest and lead the viewer from front, to spine, to back covers. Deep jewel tones and gold serve as a sophisticated reference to the grandeur that marks the Roaring Twenties and creates a cover that could easily be elevated to a collector's item by using gold foiling techniques. 

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