Create a visually compelling poster that not only promotes "Parnassus" literary journal but also encapsulates the enduring legacy of creativity and inspiration it represents. For the 60th anniversary of the journal, the poster theme should centerĀ on Mount Parnassus, embracing a minimalist aesthetic, ignite curiosity, and inspire aspiring writers and artists.
One poster to serve as a call for submissions to the literary journal
Integrate the symbolism of Mount Parnassus into the poster design, reflecting its significance as a source of creative inspiration
Select a refined color palette that enhances the poster's visual impact while maintaining an understated elegance.
I began this project by doodling some of the many ways to portray mountains as well as looking at images of Mount Parnassus online. With several ides on paper, I moved to Illustrator to refine them. While some of the drafts focus purely on the mountains, for others I added a simple moon and sun as symbols of illumination.
During a discussion with my client, they chose the version with a filled in mountain and asked me for several versions with either the sun or the moon and different color palettes. They also requested that the submission information be made larger.
Final Solution
The division between night and day allowed me to place the submission information in a more prominent position on the page while still maintaining the integrity of the illustration's openness. Ultimately my client chose to print both a day poster and a night poster rather than just one. The imagery was also used for instagram posts and printed on stickers.

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